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Thursday, May 21, 2015

As both a mom and a creative, I am constantly on the prowl for beautiful art and decorations to add to Naomi's nursery. It doesn't have to be fancy, but there's something about rocking her to sleep at night and gazing around at all the special art prints and hand made goodies we've gotten as gifts or the like for her these past few months.

When I came across Martha's Gidsy & Jo Shop, I knew I needed to snatch up one of her adorable prints. She mixes of textile and digital print, with Bible verses that small children can understand. The original embroidery is beautiful and knowing that it came from a fellow mama makes it all that more special. Plus, there's dinosaurs and birds (insert all the heart eyes here).

One of the biggest gifts we can give our children is our faith. Faith in a God that is present and active in their lives. A God that loves deeply, and brings about freedom and life and light. A God who wants good things for them and will always be their protector. I can't wait to hang this print in Naomi's room as a reminder of who her God is.

Not only does Martha make beautiful prints, but her blog is chalk full of excellent resources and encouragement for other mamas. The shop is launching TODAY so head over to her blog for a discount code and go nuts. You will be so blessed by her!

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