wade in the water

Monday, April 30, 2012

yesterday was another trip down to david's property to swim -- this time with twice the number of kids and lots of extended family. remember the last trip? the hike to get there is a little crazy, especially with all the little ones but it is totally worth it. the kiddos spent the whole day collecting snails and the rest of us just enjoyed the day off in the sun with all of our friends, new and old. 

kelly trying to form an opinion about her new bathing suit....cute!!

 jose and fernando adding to their rock collection.

what a beautiful place to spend the day.


 a good snap of the house moms hanging out in the water.

a very wet version of me our good friends who happen to be the daughters of our new house parents.

kelly finishing off her slice of the watermelon.

 the spectators who could swim no more.
eugenio, one of the kids that came last week, just had a birthday so we made him an extra big chocolate chip cookie and told him how old he was now {he had no idea it was his birthday!}

hope ya'll had a lovely weekend as well.

new beginnings

Saturday, April 28, 2012

here's just a super sneak peak at what we've been up to with the new kids we just took in on tuesday. 
our kinder class has doubled -- whew! major shout out to all kindergarten teachers out there...
you've got special talents!!
it's been a blast getting to play with all the kids together. 
things have definitely turned into a little party around here and i love it.

{water balloon toss contest at library time -- the kids loved it! we are really getting into some seriously fun games and activities with the kids. the possibilities really seem endless!}

it's been an encouragement recently to be able to see how far our first group of kids has come in their attitudes, behavior and schooling since they arrived. what an amazing thing it is to know that they will be brought up in a safe, positive environment with plenty of people around to tell them how much they're loved.

there is something holy about what happens here. about being a part of kingdom work. it's exciting. it's meaningful. it's what we are all supposed to be doing -- working for causes beyond ourselves. we all need something to get us out of bed in the morning and an intravenous coffee drip might not always do it {hard to believe, i know}

as the children's home grows, it takes more and more resources to support the kids and all the programs we've got going on. if you're interested, check out our sponsorship page to see how you can help out the kid's more directly with their daily needs like food, clothes and school supplies.

thanks again to all of you who have supported Give Hope 2 Kids ministry prayerfully and financially. you are truly part of something incredible and i hope you believe that!

little things

Monday, April 23, 2012

today is an ordinary monday. 
we are thankful for 
the rain that has finally come after a few weeks of waiting. 
 for visiting friends. 
 for give hope 2 kids family. 
for new puppies on the porch. 
and for an extraordinary box of blow pops that successfully feeds my unashamed addiction.

{{how can this not make you smile??}}

{the guys of the house made breakfast the other day. french toast and eggs. this was their final exam to graduate "cooking 101" class. they passed. 
can i also draw your attention to the 3 liter pepsi bottle filled with milk straight from the cow? 
love that country life.}


{{ david teaching his daughter about the bull they killed that morning for food. yes, that is the head. }}

{{ early saturday morning at our house }}

{{ this morning's english class with out friends visiting from virginia. playing a little simon says to help remember all the body parts in english}}

{{love that miss girl finishing up her meal for the night. headed straaaaaight for the bath. }}

tomorrow....tomorrow will not be so ordinary. 
tomorrow we get to meet five new kid's that will be coming to live with us.
 prayers for our new house family, the kid's travels tomorrow and a smooth transition into their new home.


san luis love

Thursday, April 19, 2012

this week we got to spend some extra time hanging out with some friends who 
live in a village about an hour's walk away. 
some of the kids have started computer classes in the library and, per usual, 
they're always up for a good game of soccer. 
their village is very small with no electricity -- 
and their school room is in the same building as church. i still can't get my head around what a crazy different place they live in but it's been so much fun getting to know the kids and their teacher.

above: computer class -- learning the basics about how to work one of those things.

some playdough time -- their favorite part was to make little "tortillas" out of it.

cute baby kelly -- the life of the party. her favorite part is tasting the crayons 
{too bad they aren't flavored, girl!}

our coloring pages entitled "through the decades" -- 60s mod, 70s shag carpet lion, 80s vegas liger. 

i got it from my papa

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

seems like all that organization education when i was a kid paid off...i love organizing! 

we're cleaning out and revamping the library this week, trying to get an idea of all the stuff we have for the kids to use for school and for fun. 
{between me and you, it looks like we've got a crayon factory happenin on the side here.}

anyway, i get a real kick out of this stuff and i know i'm not the only one. don't be ashamed. 
who doesn't love the smell of school supplies??
can i get an amen?!

thanks, dad, for the inherited love of putting things into large tubs and labeling. someone's gotta do it.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

in third and fourth grade english class we are learning some family vocabulary. this assignment was to draw all the people who live in your house and write who they are below. just had to share some of these with ya'll. i loved learning about their families in class...and the assignment turned out to be a huge help in learning who's related to who. it aaaall makes so much sense now.

my personal fav is the second one featuring a
 lively looking cat and duck pair. hah! this is why i love english class. 

happy friday!

just beachy

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

first of all let me just say how wonderfully fantastic it is to be able to post about something that happened yesterday instead of waiting a few weeks after the fact. yay for internet at our place!

in typical honduran fashion, most of the give hope 2 kids family headed down to the beach to celebrate some semana santa and do something fun with the kids. it was well worth the long{ish} trek down to spend the day with some friends from the valley that have never been down at the ocean. 

during holy week, hondurans typically head down to the beach and rent little houses to sell food and other goodies. after wednesday, everyone is off of work and the beach is full. what a treat it is to spend some extra time with family and friends!

{dance competition between fernando and lilian in the truck. maybe if you ask nicely i'll upload the video.}

i think the kids favorite part was discovering all the baby frogs in the tidal pool. oh, and the frosties treats before the ride back up the mountain...during which they all zonked out pretty immediately. one family that came with us has just accepted the opportunity to be the second set of house parents for the ministry. after they settle in a little bit we will be able to take in new kids

p.s. -- thanks for the sunburn, beach. it's always a pleasure. 

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