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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

first of all let me just say how wonderfully fantastic it is to be able to post about something that happened yesterday instead of waiting a few weeks after the fact. yay for internet at our place!

in typical honduran fashion, most of the give hope 2 kids family headed down to the beach to celebrate some semana santa and do something fun with the kids. it was well worth the long{ish} trek down to spend the day with some friends from the valley that have never been down at the ocean. 

during holy week, hondurans typically head down to the beach and rent little houses to sell food and other goodies. after wednesday, everyone is off of work and the beach is full. what a treat it is to spend some extra time with family and friends!

{dance competition between fernando and lilian in the truck. maybe if you ask nicely i'll upload the video.}

i think the kids favorite part was discovering all the baby frogs in the tidal pool. oh, and the frosties treats before the ride back up the mountain...during which they all zonked out pretty immediately. one family that came with us has just accepted the opportunity to be the second set of house parents for the ministry. after they settle in a little bit we will be able to take in new kids

p.s. -- thanks for the sunburn, beach. it's always a pleasure. 

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