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Monday, April 23, 2012

today is an ordinary monday. 
we are thankful for 
the rain that has finally come after a few weeks of waiting. 
 for visiting friends. 
 for give hope 2 kids family. 
for new puppies on the porch. 
and for an extraordinary box of blow pops that successfully feeds my unashamed addiction.

{{how can this not make you smile??}}

{the guys of the house made breakfast the other day. french toast and eggs. this was their final exam to graduate "cooking 101" class. they passed. 
can i also draw your attention to the 3 liter pepsi bottle filled with milk straight from the cow? 
love that country life.}


{{ david teaching his daughter about the bull they killed that morning for food. yes, that is the head. }}

{{ early saturday morning at our house }}

{{ this morning's english class with out friends visiting from virginia. playing a little simon says to help remember all the body parts in english}}

{{love that miss girl finishing up her meal for the night. headed straaaaaight for the bath. }}

tomorrow....tomorrow will not be so ordinary. 
tomorrow we get to meet five new kid's that will be coming to live with us.
 prayers for our new house family, the kid's travels tomorrow and a smooth transition into their new home.

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  1. omg puppies! and i love that last pic, so funny!


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