Thursday, April 12, 2012

in third and fourth grade english class we are learning some family vocabulary. this assignment was to draw all the people who live in your house and write who they are below. just had to share some of these with ya'll. i loved learning about their families in class...and the assignment turned out to be a huge help in learning who's related to who. it aaaall makes so much sense now.

my personal fav is the second one featuring a
 lively looking cat and duck pair. hah! this is why i love english class. 

happy friday!


  1. wow, a picture paints a thousand words. Those are absolutely adorable, worthy of frames

  2. Oh Teacher Eva, Those drawings went right to my heart. Having spent many years with young children and being in love with their art, these brought me back to a place a pure joy. What precious children of God created these; and what precious grown-ups of God created the loving space for it to happen. This was my morning prayer of gratitude. Thank you. Love you. Auntie


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