wade in the water

Monday, April 30, 2012

yesterday was another trip down to david's property to swim -- this time with twice the number of kids and lots of extended family. remember the last trip? the hike to get there is a little crazy, especially with all the little ones but it is totally worth it. the kiddos spent the whole day collecting snails and the rest of us just enjoyed the day off in the sun with all of our friends, new and old. 

kelly trying to form an opinion about her new bathing suit....cute!!

 jose and fernando adding to their rock collection.

what a beautiful place to spend the day.


 a good snap of the house moms hanging out in the water.

a very wet version of me our good friends who happen to be the daughters of our new house parents.

kelly finishing off her slice of the watermelon.

 the spectators who could swim no more.
eugenio, one of the kids that came last week, just had a birthday so we made him an extra big chocolate chip cookie and told him how old he was now {he had no idea it was his birthday!}

hope ya'll had a lovely weekend as well.

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