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Thursday, April 19, 2012

this week we got to spend some extra time hanging out with some friends who 
live in a village about an hour's walk away. 
some of the kids have started computer classes in the library and, per usual, 
they're always up for a good game of soccer. 
their village is very small with no electricity -- 
and their school room is in the same building as church. i still can't get my head around what a crazy different place they live in but it's been so much fun getting to know the kids and their teacher.

above: computer class -- learning the basics about how to work one of those things.

some playdough time -- their favorite part was to make little "tortillas" out of it.

cute baby kelly -- the life of the party. her favorite part is tasting the crayons 
{too bad they aren't flavored, girl!}

our coloring pages entitled "through the decades" -- 60s mod, 70s shag carpet lion, 80s vegas liger. 


  1. awesome! i love seeing pictures from your life in honduras. i miss you so much!

  2. i love the coloring jobs! and i agree with shannon...i love the photos so much:):) more more please!!!


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