a walk in the jungle

Thursday, March 15, 2012

the other sunday we were invited down to david's property in another village to spend the day. david has been working with jason and sarah from the time they started down here and works on most everything agricultural. it's a huge property with places to swim and hike so we were pretty excited to go. all the kids on the property came along with the house parents, will and sinndya, david and his wife olga, another family from the village with their three girls and us volunteers {minus brayden}.wow. did we have a party! 

this is the point at which javier spotted an iguana...

at which time the guys went charging after it into the river...and caught it.

...and then we ate it. doesn't get any fresher than that!

baby kelly just waking up from her waterside nap!

the kids {and adults} had an absolute blast. it was great to spend time just playing and hanging out with some favorite people all day. i have a feeling we'll be doing that again!

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