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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

thought i'd share a few scattered picture that haven't quite made it up here in the past month...

valentine's day was spent making cards for all the guys while they were out running errands in town all day. except for my valentine, he was taking a nap and playing with markers on the floor.

the kids learned how to make chocolate chip cookies with melissa who brought her family down from good ol' wisconsin to serve and encourage the team down here. thank you again!

sunday soccer day in urraco
we are so proud of our gringo goalie!

also, fun fact, i was also asked to play defense on the women's urraco soccer team. i warned them. i did. and yes, i played one sunday. i have a feeling there won't be another invitation, no matter how desperate they are for players!

hanging out with the babes that aren't so small anymore! josiah and kelly are right on track for soul mate status. and i promise they're not in jail -- it's just our front door!

if you didn't know, we are filming the new flinstones movie right here in the valley with those monstrous lamb ribs we've got.

monica and i have taken to cooking experiments lately. this is one of our unexpected successes -- bagels! the first time they were nice and small and just plain. this time we added in a little cinnamon raisin fayvah and got a hold of some cream cheese to make it a pretty magical experience.

one of the many oh so loved scorpion visitors in our house. every time it rains. kelvin's new tactic is his pocket knife and clothespin combo. seems to work pretty well. at this this one is not in my hair.
 or inside the toilet...

my new hobby is making a corn hole set -- working on hand sewing the bags. i think i've been working on it a little too long. by the time the swimming goggles end up on my face it's gone too far.

 ginormous grasshopper number four in our house this week. to the hondurans, this is good luck. i'll keep that in mind {even though there is no such thing} instead of focusing on the
jurassic park size insects in our kitchen!

it's times like these that make every ounce of this worth it. three four year olds, baby kelly, and tia eva and tia monica all on the hammock together making funny snoring sounds and laughing. not quite convincing tio kelvin that we are actually sleeping.

speaking of tio kelvin...he looks less scary post-shave.

the end!

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  1. re-looking at these photos is so much better after hearing stories attached to them:):):) love them. can't wait for MORE MORE MORE!!!


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