oh the things you'll miss...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I thought I'd compile a list of some of the wonderful things in the grand ol' U.S of A that I will, at some point, miss. Some of this is speculation, some is fact. Either way, here are my top 10 --

1. amigos and familia {that's a given}
2. NFL football -- and when I say that I really mean watching the Packers win every Sunday.
3. my instant access to the social networking world, aka my small t.v. of a phone.
4. fancy shmancy coffees that cost four dollars. {okay I don't miss the price part but all those mumbo jumbo grande non-fat triple shot mocha polkas, yes.}
5. getting all bundled up for winter weather. HAH! okay that one was a joke. but i will miss some of my wardrobe i suppose.
6. being able to have people understand me in english. 
7. going out to eat. i know, i know, bad habit.
8. my beloved TYPEWRITER! if that isn't a sacrifice, i don't know what is. sorry 20lb clunker, you're not going to make the weight limit in my suitcase.
9. random road trips. 
10. a world where unimaginably large bugs don't exist.

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  1. Things I will miss about Erin leaving: EVERYTHING.


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