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Friday, February 10, 2012

urraco --> la ceiba --> san pedro sula --> copan --> antigua, guatemala...and back again! we had quite the roadtripping adventure in a successful attempt to renew our honduran visas this week. i'm thankful to say we made it in one piece from home to guatemala all by our gringoish selves. 

along the way was a lot of market shopping, eating, relaxing, internet-using, site seeing, and birthday celebrating. the shuttle rides between all of that were nothing short of a manu chao song. i had a hard time keeping up with the portuguese, spanish, itialian, english and whatever else anyone was speaking in our 15 passenger deluxe luxury vehicle.

we also checked some critical foods off the cravings list. this would include steaks, mcmuffins, ceviche, crepes, ice cream cones and mexican food. yes, mexican food in guatemala.

{the fanciest mcdonalds i've ever seen. aka the u.s. embassy}

i think it's also safe to say that we refined our bargaining skills at the famous antigua street market. 85 quetzales? i'll pay you 50. we made out pretty well with some fresh jeans, headphones, jerseys, a floor rug, a chess set, coffee, knives, Bibles, cds, sunglasses, baby clothes, shirts, movies and a cowboy hat. now the question are we hauling it all back. nothing short of a miracle, my friends.

{yes, that's the volcano in the background}

if it sounds like guatemala was one big eating, sleeping, and shopping extravaganza, you're right. maybe next time we'll actually go see the volcano. woops!

copan is a small tourist city right on the other side of the border. we stayed here for two nights and got to go see the mayan ruins. very little of it is original but it was still cool to go see some of the structures still there. 

{happy birthday gwayden!}

it's back up the mountain for these volunteers! looking forward to being back "home" and seeing all of our favorite people again. 

i'll leave you with these precious pics...
can't figure out which one makes me laugh harder. love this girl!


  1. Wow, Erin, excellent pics. You look fabulous. Glad you could have some free time, thanks for sharing... mum

  2. You light up my life girl; loved every inch of the "footage". Glad you are home safe. What fun. Happy Valentine's Day Love! aj xo

  3. Such fun pictures! Glad you're having such a great time :) Miss you!


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