married and moved

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oh hey! Yeah yeah, I know I went off the radar screen for a little bit. But I got married, alright? Alright.

Anyway, I figured I'd work my way back in to this whole blog business slowly but surely. (Even if I risk breaking all the cardinal rules by neglecting to add any super artsy pictures.) 

So...we got married. And moved. And really really loving it. I feel like I could write for days about all the details of life as a Mrs. but I'll spare you. 

New discoveries include: 

// Realizing how much of a crazed minimalist I am. Turned JT into a Good Will monster and managed to bag up lots and lots of stuff. It's even more satisfying to be able to close dresser drawers all the way than to have extra clothes. Who's with me?

// Watching JT open up the brand new vacuum should have been a commercial. He was so excited about new vacuum technologies, I couldn't even stand it. I love that man.

// I can no longer hide my unexplainable obsession with dish towels.

// JT has enough pocket change to fund the laundromat trips for the entire year and go out for a nice dinner.

Really, life with another person around all the time is just the greatest. Going to the dump with him is fun. (There have been multiple trips). Shopping for household supplies with him is fun. Getting to put our feet up at night and watch a show with him is fun. 

I am excited to continue building our first home together in our new town and grow together one day at a time. To find our rhythm and learn what it's like to do life and ministry together. We are continually finding the Lord's mercies in the midst of the process and it really is beautiful. I know it's not always going to be peaches and cream but right now it is and there's nothing wrong with celebrating that. 

Life's good, we're good. Can't wait to share some pictures.


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no words. LOVE.


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