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Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's been a lot of fun settling and decorating these parts recently. After the initial shock of realizing how much stuff we have, I think it's feeling like home and we love that. We feel real lucky to be living in one of the historic houses downtown (just in a part of it, not the whole thing (!)), so close to most places we go on a daily basis. Besides Target. Still driving to Target. 

Anyway, I thought I'd give ya'll a sneak peek of some of my favorite parts of our little place. There's going to be a lot of memories here in the next season of life and I don't want to forget it. It's not super fancy or big or expensive but it is ours and that's what matters. And, well, living in a historic home your first year of marriage makes it pretty much a downhill experience every year after this in terms of living quarters. Are you with me?


  1. I love historic homes and apartments:) I just love all the beautiful woodwork and small details that make it so much more homey. We have so many memories from our first place and always get a little sentimental when we drive by it these days. Such a cherished time in marriage! Blessings to you both!

  2. I gotta go visit you now... I see those Seinfeld dvds in the background

  3. Oh what a lovely peek into your hearth....so many precious touches. I like the painted flower pots and green growing life nestled among the artistry of the architecture and the "things of living"--like a bed and a stove and art and coffee mugs, and a medicine bottle on the nightstand. Many blessings to you both; dear Erin and Jeremy. xo aj

  4. Love all the details in your home. So cute.


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