growing up tales

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One day you're laying on two adjoining leather couches in your parents living room dreaming about the first day of high school, the next, you're old married people discussing house furnishings and the like. 

My Bird got hitched this weekend and it was just about the best time ever. Getting to hug so many people we love and miss is straight up food for my soul. And and right now I am full. These moments…the ones where you get to spend more time face to face with people than you do your smartphone, the ones where you get to help your best friend get into her big beautiful white dress and watch her move into the next phase of her life…these are the ones worth living for. 

So here we are, Winkdawg and Bird, as the nicknames go, married. Feels like we should start a book or something. Our growing up tales sure do merit a sequel. Double check those seat belts everyone because this could get crazy. 


  1. WHAT?! I KNOW Michael! We grew up together! What even is this, Erin--our worlds collide once more. ;)

  2. It was so nice to see my lovely, grown-up girls at the wedding!


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