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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jeremy wrote me a birthday card last week. Other than the fact that it was possibly the most ginormous birthday card I've ever received, it said something that stuck with me. At the end of it he wrote,
"here's to the next 25." 

Now I know I just turned a quarter of a century old and that's a big deal, according to my mother. But, I feel like I've crammed a whole lot in so far. There have been some really great seasons of life, so many transitions, so many countries, so many roommates. I have celebrated my birthday with lots of people I love. But a very small number of them have been around for all 25 of them.

What I guess sort of dawned on me last week is that this man, my husband, my roommate, my friend, my world-renowned chef, my comic relief, my pastor, my love, my family…God willing, he will be by my side for all them -- the next 25 and beyond. That's like my whole lifetime so far plus more! I'm kind of blowing my own mind, can you tell?

When you're at the altar and you say your promises and you put your rings on it's hard to put into perspective what forever means. I think I just got my first dose of it. And even when this life is over, there's most on the other side. What a true blessing it is to know another's soul. To spend the rest of your life knitting yours to his and learning what that bond is between our God and his church. 

So friends, here's to the next 25. May your soul be more joyful with another alongside it. Mine sure is.

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