September Goals

Sunday, September 7, 2014

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Well this month came up quick! I'd say about a week in is just the right time to share some goals, right? Right.

Here's a recap of August's goals -- 

1// Transition well into our new home -- Well, we moved. And I do think overall the transition has been really good. This home is very temporary but it still feels like our home and we are excited to bring that little girl into this space too. 

2// Start a commonplace book. -- Nope. Adding it to the list for September.

3// Settle into a new, intentional routine. -- It's helped tremendously that I have a regularly scheduled day job for the time being so I feel like there have been some good daily rhythms set. We are getting into the habit of meal planning again and other rhythms that help the world go round in these parts. 

4// Celebrate our anniversary. -- We had the BEST time taking a few days away for ourselves at the same b&b where we celebrated our honeymoon. So thankful for a really great first year of marriage. 

5// Learn three new design-related skills. -- Not really. But I did google how to do something the other day and actually succeeded at an attempt so I'm counting that as a win. Going to be more intentional about this during September. 

So for this month…

1// HOME: Organize and consolidate office & craft supplies: I started this project but it needs some closure. We have an awesome space in this apartment to store this kind of stuff and I want to use it wisely. Random paperclips and scrapbook clippings…I'm coming for you. 

2// WORK: Vision casting for 2015 and learn new skills: I've had a sudden spark of inspiration to make some big goals for 2015 graphic design-wise and I am excited to start casting some vision for what that looks like for the next year. Possibly some new collaborations, Etsy shop pieces and other fun ideas. (Keep your eyes peeled!).  Attending the Influence Conference this year is going to be a tremendous motivator for this but I'm excited to do some forward thinking in general. (And preparing myself for what running a small business looks like with a small human around. Advice anyone?)

3// SPIRIT: Participate in 40 days of Benedictine prayer: Our church is doing this as a community and we are excited to jump on board and make it a daily rhythm. 

4// LEISURE: Finish the non-fiction book I started and pick out a new one for next month: I don't have a huge attention span for reading but I think it's an important activity to calm my mind and slow myself down. This whole almost seven months pregnant thing is starting to slow my energy level down a little bit so reading could be a really relaxing thing this month. Any suggestions for my next nonfiction book? 

5// BODY: Start a strength-training routine and continue cardio: I asked my husband personal trainer if he'd be willing to do a little co-workout once or twice a week. Since moving, I've struggled a bit to get back into a rhythm of exercising regularly and from what I hear, it makes the whole giving birth thing a heck of a lot easier. So this month we're starting it back up, folks. Nothing crazy, just working towards a strong, healthy body. 

How about you? I'd love to hear your goals for the month! 

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