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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

There has been a load of inspired goal-setting posts on every inch of the internet come the new year and I am hesitant to add to the noise. However, I can't help but get my fingers on that January restart button and feel particularly ambitious as we move into 2015.

Dearest husband lovingly shooed me out the door a few weeks back in the throws of newborn cabin fever chaos to spend a couple hours forgetting about my current milkmaid-like state and enjoying some alone time. THANK YOU DEAR HUSBAND. Off to Starbucks I went with my brand spankin' new Day Designer with some goal setting worksheets for 2015. I really love the thought of starting fresh and this year in particular feels like a good time to hit that restart button. We are brand new parents, about to move to a brand new city, where we will both be starting some brand new jobs -- he as a pastor and me as a mama and work at home designer.

In lieu of keeping things simple this year, I decided to focus in on five core values that I want to be true of my life and our family in 2015:

1// DEPTH : Depth in relationship, in reflection, in spirit. I truly want this year to be chalk full of deep, honest relationship, real growth, and a focus on sharing the realness of life with those we interact with instead of keeping our masks on. As leaders in ministry the desire to want to make great impressions and be everything for everybody is there. But I gotta tell you...with a new baby and the experience of a thousand life changes happening at one time for us, there's not a whole lot of room for fake. And I'm glad for that.

2// BRAVERY : Brave mom, brave wife, brave woman, brave business owner. I want to take steps in life that scare me and build character and cultivate an environment where the spirit is present and moving us. In the time it's taking me to write this blog post I've gotten up about 10 times to rock, pacify, change, bounce, wrap and kiss my crying 3 week old. I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of moments to choose bravery in the upcoming weeks and months.

3// THRIVE : This means a whole lot of things to me but I really want to focus in on moving towards being the woman I am made to be in our current season of life. For me, this means lots of self care, pursuing passion in work, finding contentment in the daily things, and being willing to walk into the new and unknown.

4// SIMPLICITY : I am a minimalist at heart. Just yesterday Jeremy mentioned that if it were up to me to pare down my craft supplies, all that would be left is a couple notecards and a highlighter. (Which, if I may mention, aren't really craft supplies...) but I digress. Oh, but the things I want to make simple this year! Our belongings, for one, my relationship with social media, household processes, the way I do business...pretty much everything.

5// COMMITMENT : As a new parent, there is a compulsion to hand back the baby to it's rightful owner once crying insues...except this time the rightful owner is me. It's also easy to want to quit #allthethings when being in business scares the pants off me. To shut it all down and forget it happened. Or some days...some days I just want to be Erin. Not the pastor's wife, not Naomi's mom, not anything. Just Erin. But to commit to these things, these identities, these blessings, these responsibilities...the commitment builds character. And we're about that around here. So we're committing to the sometimes hard stuff this year and walking boldly into the not so easy, knowing that God goes before us in that and calls us to it.

2015 excites me. We are putting some roots down, learning to how to be a family of three, and walking into a lot of newness together. I would love to hear what you're all about this year. All the new year's noise has a way of banding together individuals and I kind of like that.


  1. This is wonderful! I love you guys!!!! 2015 is going to be incredible:)

  2. Love it -- can't wait to see how God grows you this year :)


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