On Letting it Go

Monday, April 20, 2015

I'll be the first one to wave the motherhood and business flag. Chase after what you're passionate about? I'm on that train. When women, especially mamas, use their gifts to bless others through small business, crafting, blogging, homemaking or otherwise, I get super fired up. The world is better when we are all living into our purpose.

But lately, I've been trying to do both motherhood and small business at full speed ahead. Not to mention housework, self-care, wife-hood (Is that a word? It is now), and squeezing in some fun now and again. I am the first one to plead guilty when it comes to buying into the Instagram Highlight Reel where we see other mothers, women, business owners, DIYers who, through their little pretty squares, appear to be doing it all and experiencing great success. And here I am, burning the cheese on the "nachos" for lunch, wearing my workout clothes from yesterday and eternally bouncing our four month old on the blasted exercise ball praying to the sweet Lord Jesus that her eyes start to close. Run a business? Yeah...right.

Last week we had a little come to Jesus moment in this household. I was tired, defeated, cranky, messy, and feeling stretched to full capacity. I was not being the best mom I could be and I was trying to work productively in the tiny cracks I had of the day. And here's the thing: it's my own fault. I alone was the one holding my own head underwater, expecting a pre-baby output in my post-baby lifestyle. It was my own constant striving after the things I thought I wanted that was keeping me from experiencing real peace, joy, and contentment in my current reality. 

So I'm chucking the expectations and agendas out the window for a little bit. It's time to spend a little season simplifying, refocusing, and dwelling in the current place God has me -- because there is purpose in that place. There are many glorious days ahead of working on some house projects, trying new recipes, taking long walks with our little family, being out in the warm sun, and digging into some fun projects just for me...just for creativity-sake. Simply put, I want to spend some time doing things that are too awesome for the internet. Amen?

If this is you too, if you are burnt out, tired of striving, weary from spreading yourself too thin, know that you are in good company. If you are holding your head just under the surface instead of taking some deep, deep breaths of the fresh air right above, I'm right there with you. May this be your official permission slip to let it go. Let all the things go. And take some time to dig into the good marrow of your current reality. Because there's good stuff there just for you. There's contentment and joy and inspiration and refreshment there just for you.


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