i'm dreaming of a tropical christmas

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

as you might have guessed, it was a snowless christmas. and i couldn't be happier. last friday was spent with the girls making cookies and eating special honduran christmas food -- chicken sandwhiches and our favorite, homemade pizza. 

friday night we had a special get together for the community -- complete with a fabulous christmas drama put on by the local kids. afterwards everyone was able to hang around and play, snack, and experience their first exposure to...ready for it?...s'mores! a little skeptical at first but by the end of the night kids {and adults}  were coming back to the table for more and more marshmellows to roast. a complete success. and some incredible entertainment. 

the guys got some new slick hair-dos from the sisters. they used most of the jar of gel and i think this look lasted a total of 15 minutes before destruction. below is brayden and the youngest sister abi. on the right is kelvin with baby kelly. 

making homemade snowflakes was so much fun this year. sarah does it every christmas to decorate the house so this year we all joined in on it. i think the girls didn't stop cutting construction paper for a whole week. it was everywhere. but our house was full of snowflakes that everyone got to make. 

a photo of rainy season christmas eve below...

and of bright and sunny christmas day...
jealous? thought so.

below is a video of christmas celebration with the girls -- lots of cooking, laughing, eating, christmas music and baking cookies. hope your day was just as lovely!


  1. What a wonderful sharing Erin; how good to see you. The photo of the Christmas sun is truly magical and mystical--the Star of Wonder. Surely God's love is with you as you create family in Honduras. Such an inspiration. And oh, would I like to take a bite of that pizza, followed by the Christmas cookies. Sending s'more love. aj xo

  2. Oh how I love the pictures and video. It really felt like a true Christmas, with genuine sharing and service. A really great message to send family and friends, who traditionally spend this time in a more commercial manner. Profound thanks for who you are...

  3. Looks like you all had so much fun! You are truly an inspiration.

    Love you!


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