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Thursday, December 8, 2011

This past week I moved into the new volunteer house with the six sisters and Kelvin, Monica and their baby Kelly. Wow! Not only are we living with 10 people in the house, but we're cooking for 12 -- counting 2 of the guys living on the other side of the property who eat with us. It's a brand new house so there's quite a bit to do to make it look like home. Not to mention Christmas decorations! We're in the process of making a load of paper snowflakes and chopping down a little Charlie Brown christmas tree to put in the corner.

Monica had this awesome idea to make some hammocks out of sheets and rope instead of buying them so above is the end result -- with Monica and Kelly trying it out. Lets just say they're a big hit.

Here's a peek at our busy kitchen and three of the girls cooking dinner for everyone. It's always way more food than you think. And all this tortilla making is scoring me some arm muscles. These ladies are nuts!

Below -- my attempts at making flour tortillas just like them. It's a bit of an embarrassment. Everyone knows which tortillas are mine during dinner -- they're always the ones that in no way resemble a circle. 

We hope to put up some Christmas lights too for decoration. For now, we're thankful for a stove and a working refrigerator so we can eat meals all together. With all the company, there's no such thing as lonely around here and we are looking forward to celebrating christmas and new years all together.


  1. good to talk with you today, want to make all the ickies go away, but I know you can handle it. You are good, you are strong, you are important!!!! love you to pieces

  2. Hi Sweetheart, I love tortillas that aren't round!! Thanks for showing us your new casa and all. I see shoes aren't really all that big. I loved seeing you in your sunflower outfit. You are so precious and I miss you. Maybe I'll sneak down with Santa's sleigh to your Charlie Brown tree. Sending special love to you and your Honduran familia. aj

  3. i am so happy to read that you are enjoying your time in Honduras and are acquiring new life skills - reading, cooking, farming!? who knew my wink was such a multi-skilled woman. well i knew all along that you are a strong, wonderful, and inspiring young lady. i miss you lots and i am so lonely drinking margaritas all by myself. i think of you often! love love.


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