it is well

Thursday, November 8, 2012

These days I'm finding it very easy to be able to say this with a genuine heart. I have been overwhelmed with blessings beyond belief and really, the only thing to complain about over here is chipping nail polish and cloudy skies. {read: first world problems.}

I am reminded of this time last year as I was preparing to spend a good chunk of my year overseas. When my soul felt a bit on the rocks. A little lumpy. Uneasy. Stepping into the unknown wasn't safe or easy -- but it was good. And it turns out that walking through that experience was "well" in it's own kind of way. 

So after finding peace in the midst of change and uncertainty, knowing that God is ultimately the one that brings it in all circumstances, I am experiencing peace in this season of abundance. 

Today, this day, recognize your abundant blessings and give thanks. 


  1. Lovely! I needed this today because sometimes it's way to easy to get all caught up in the horror of chipped nail polish and the like. Thanks again!

  2. Beautiful! And so happy for the many ways that God is blessing you!!! What an incredible season of your life :)

  3. Thank you for your reflection, Erin. It touched me. Being well with our souls requires listening to the Divine prompts in our daily lives and making courageous choices. You, my dear, are a strong and beautiful soul. xo aj


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