whirlwind thursday

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welp. It's official. Working full time means never taking any pictures of anything anymore...does this happen to anyone else? I'm curious, those of you who do the same, how do you keep up with blogging? I really want to know. Struggle-fest over here.

So just for that, here's a picture I didn't take for your enjoyment. It snowed today, people. snowed. So excited that soon it might look a little like this outside. Lets just ignore the slush, frostbite and scraping the car windows off at 6am with your credit card because you can't locate your mega scraper.

This week my dear jungle roommates came to visit, they are on a fundraising trip so we got to have dinner and catch up. Their little girl Kelly makes me about die from cuteness overload. Oh and she speaks Spanish. 

Also this week, it was mister JT's birthday. I got him a Gore jersey. The Packer fan in me wants to cringe a little but you know what they say...people do crazy things for love. Do they say that? 
{who is they anyway?} We had a nice dinner and a SF Giants-watching week because if you weren't aware...they are in the World Series. And that JT can't be a happier camper. 

I'm not sure how we've arrived at Thursday night already but I'm not complaining. Oh and may I just share that I spent the entire day walking around with my dress completely unzipped in the back. Thank goodness for cardigans. {but still!} How was your Thursday?

 Looking forward to some major R&R this weekend. I'm thinking winter hat shopping, coffee sipping, netflix watching, and a chance of throwing something sweet in the oven.  


  1. I love that photo! I wish I'd have been in it, in the Cities, walking and talking with you, coffee in hand. Next time? :) It's going to be a great winter!

  2. Winter hat shopping. Hahaha Hyreem you are a nut. I also remember a time we tried to "throw something sweet in the oven," it involved pineapple, a handfull of flour, and two eggs. Maybe you can use that recipe.

    Eric 'rolly' rohland

  3. I love this picture<3 I love your weekend plans.

  4. Oh Erin, You are priceless. Please find the scraper, so your Aunt can sleep at night, and yes, winter warmies. I hear you about the work week. I think the weekend should trade places with the work week; so 5 days off, 2 on. Love U aj

  5. LOVE that picture. I always missed snow growing up in LA.



  6. I realize that we just had a huge hurricane past through my city, but I can't wait for snow!! Waking up to the first snowfall is one of my absolute favorite feelings and that photograph just reminded me of that.

  7. hope you are getting your R&R this weekend! what sweet treat are you popping in the oven?


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