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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remember that one time when I talked about having a day of margin? Well I still mean it. And I happen to think today is one of those days.

Lets just all admit one thing for a second...Sundays without homework is a very magical thing.

So today is margin day -- a day to rest. to revive your spirit. to soak up this beautiful fall weather. to connect with favorite people. to read. to sleep in. to watch football the packers play. to eat a nice, slow, breakfast.

I think that last part is one of my favorites.

My true hope today is that you'd be able to do the same. Take some time for yourself. For your spirit.

What are you doing this day?
How do you take time to rest and to create a little margin in your life?

Happy Sunday, all. 


  1. So true. So important. I actually made sure not to schedule anything into today. I helped Husband-Guy prep a slow-cooker dinner (chicken and sausage gumbo), made healthy cookies (which actually sounds really lame now that I think about it, but they'll make good at-work snacks), I intend to make tea and write a book review pretty quick and I'm going to end the evening with more tea and catch a movie on Netflix (I'm hoping for The Social Network, but we'll see if I can convince Husband-Guy to sit down and watch the Facebook documentary). So yes, taking a little time for yourself is hugely important. I agree. 110% :) (And yes, a nice, slow breaky is awesome.)

  2. Ooh yummy. Sounds like a nice day:) Unfortunately i have to much college homework to have one. :/

  3. This sounds amazing. I really need to take a day to recollect and take an actual break. Plus that breakfast looks incredible!



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