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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lately I've been so very ambitious with my after 9 to 5 activities. Which, consequently, leads to less productivity somehow. Maybe I just need more coffee.

The fact of the matter is, this twenty something stage of life is so full of power, ambition and opportunity. We want to take advantage of everything. Do exactly what we're made to do. Be healthy, happy, fulfilled, spontaneous, full of joy and purposeful at every moment of every day. And I'm learning that sometimes it just doesn't happen. And that's okay. 

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1. It is okay to rest. Take some time to physically rest -- rest your brain, your heart, your body. A break from the daily grind, from computer screens (!), from all the whimsical activities we've planned for our free time. I've been trying to help myself remember that free time does not need to be scheduled or used purposefully all the time. Some days it's just about sitting, resting, reading, watching, thinking, staring off into space.

2. It is okay to be mundane. There is great honor in getting up every day and working hard, being diligent and earning a living. It doesn't matter worth a nickel what you're doing, it's how you do it. Those of you who work full time -- high five! we belong to the same club. Finding purpose in a position that's not the Director of Saving the World is sometimes harder than one that is based on a very purposeful cause. (Those are also fantastic, we need people doing all sorts of things. All of it is to the glory of our Father.)

3. It is okay to fail at deciding what you want to be when you grow up. I went to school for something completely different than my job now, and completely different than all of my ever changing life ambitions. Luckily, I have been given grace upon grace from people in my life that encourage me to explore, navigate, fail, retry, and pursue new interests. We are not expected to have it all sorted out.

Got it? Good.
Which brings me to a proposal.
Not the marriage kind. Why would you think that, sillies?!

Here's what I'm thinking -----------

I've been experimenting a lot with graphic design, some new programs and blog design in particular. You may have noticed I've revamped some things on my own page and I don't hate it yet so that's a plus. Maybe it will stay that way for more than a week.

If any of you would like to experiment with some new design, I'd be happy to work with you FOR FREE. This is something I'm pretty excited about exploring and would love to work with you if you're interested. Email me at Seriously.


  1. Aren't those words the truth! And such a great reminder to read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And the new layout looks great! :)

  2. LOVE THIS and YOU e monster! "It is okay to be mundane. There is great honor in getting up every day and working hard, being diligent and earning a living."...beautifully written and so, so true. I need to remind myself of this every. single. day. Love you so much:):):)

  3. Girl you can do whatever you want with my page, it is a mess and I have no idea how to code outside of VBA :) Let me know!


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