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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well it sure is amazing what a few days away from the daily can do for ya. Happy flippin' long Easter weekend! 

JT and I had such a great time visiting family and some new and old friends -- one of those times where you feel like all these people from different seasons of your life end up in the same place over the same weekend. Just awesome. 

Also, having a road trip buddy that will sing along to your entire CD collection with you makes the ride exponentially more enjoyable.

Now that I'm back at 'em, I thought I'd share with you all my somewhat new adventures in blog design.  Since this is still a bit of an organic process for me, I am offering FREE designs right now for anyone who wants one. Take me up on it, seriously. I'm kinda loving this. 

Elsha was kind enough to let me work with her blog, below is the finished product of her header, nav bar and bio. Check out this lady's blog here.

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  1. I love that blog design! It's so clean and unique. =] you're so talented!


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