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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Well praise the Lord, hallelujah -- we have broken the 60 degree barrier for the first time in over 5 months. Minnesota might have just made it to springtime - although saying that makes me fear a snow storm coming out of nowhere again in the next 5 minutes. I'll be the first to admit that the months of winter aren't my best and lets be honest, I've got no poker face.

We can't blame the weather for everything so I will be at least one to admit that I've let my soul get consumed with stress and planning and general do-it-yourself- overwhelming-ness lately. Is that a word? It should be. And it's no wonder I feel like that because we are not supposed to do this life that way -- on our own, day after day, in constant catch up mode.

Finally, it feels like theres an awakening coming on. And it's time to participate. I found myself reminding someone the other day that there is so much good yet to come. And there is. But there is also so much good happening now even if it feels like pure chaos.

Let me give you a little preview:

Next week I'll be headed off to Honduras again to see some of my dear friends who I left there almost a year ago. Trying to mentally prepare for that. And also plan this trip for 15 other people who are coming with me (never done that one before).

We are getting married. Like soon. (!) And that is so exciting to think about -- getting to spend this life with the man I love the most. It is certainly an adventure but there is a lot of planning that goes into making that one day happen -- the day that is the beginning of all the rest of the days yet to come. Our wedding will be an awesome celebration but it is only the first day of many days of marriage and we are more excited for that. And besides...picking out shades of bridesmaids dresses has proven to be no small feat.

JT's seminary program comes with a lot of major life changes for us, which is both awesome and overwhelming at the same time. More on that later I suppose.

So I think the trick here is to recognize and celebrate all the good that's happening. To stabilize ourselves on the rock that is our God and come back to Him for rejuvenation, refreshment and inspiration. It comes from no one and nothing else. This world, our lives, are never going to stop spinning so we've got to focus on what really matters and move towards it with all our heart.

Here's to the second day of real spring. To real awakening. To dusting off the cold dark winter of our hearts and celebrating all the good that is already here and yet to come.

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