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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

There are fewer times in life that make you feel not so special than the time you spend standing in line at the post office. With every other not so special person who's got something to send to their not so special family member or friend. Or enemy I suppose, depending. They pay the not so special same price as you do and respond to "may I help who's next" just like you do. That's my post office theory -- we are all not so special. We're all pretty darn human. 

I feel like we all have seasons of our life that are especially busy and transitional and life changing. And we blog through them. Often, those are the blog posts that I really connect with and make friends over because it reminds me of the fact that we are all in this craziness together. You're not the only one who is ready to pull their hair out because of a tight schedule, deadlines, shrunken laundry, moving cross-country (or cross continent), or another burnt quesadilla (can I get an amen?)

So this is another one of those times. We are planning a wedding. Working out flippin' tails off. Packing our schedule. Running harder. Eating healthier. Purging extra junk from the closet. Buying too many things. This is a good time to use the word weary

I look at this time of transition and realize that I am trying very much to figure out who I'm going to be in just 2 more months -- a wife, and everything that is supposed to mean and does mean and shouldn't mean. Everything I am moving away from and all that I am moving towards. I am determined to be a real good one. That's my stubbornness speaking. What I really need to do, and want to do, is remind myself of who I am in this time. In this place. 

I sit quiet, burning the midnight oil, (or however that saying goes), taking in this single moment. In faithfulness to the one who created it. Reminding myself of a saying that we spoke daily in a different season of our life that was maybe even more scary and unknown. We reminded ourselves to take our days one faithful moment at a time. Second by second, our hands unclenched, our hearts full of trust and gratitude, giving it over to the Maker and Provider. 


  1. Thx you for this post Erin! We truly are all pretty darn human :)

  2. I was just commenting with another blogger about this earlier today! Transition times are some of the hardest. The inbetween moments when we're just waiting/preparing for the next step. I don't know about you, but I'm always really impatient during that time because I want it all to happen NOW!

  3. Just be yourself Erin; I can't imagine better wife material! XO, Aunt Claudia


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