california and thoughts on new family

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Once upon a time, two weeks ago, that favorite man of mine and I jetted off to California for the weekend to visit family. {Let me tell you, for a midwest girl like yours truly, that is a real sweet spot to happen to have family!} After 40 years of ministry, JT's parents were retiring and we were lucky enough to be able to go and celebrate with them. 

I had never been to California so this was a real big treat. The weather was just beautiful all weekend long and the company wasn't half bad either ;) JT practically had to drag me back on the plane and promise we'd be back someday soon because this was just too good to be true.

^^ Since my aunt and uncle live nearby, we caught them for lunch on Saturday and had just the best time. 
On a completely unrelated note,
a man ironing a woman's skirt is worth documentation, am I wrong? 
^^ Peet's coffee!
There's something so special about becoming part of another person's family. Or rather, being welcomed into one. I feel so blessed and honored to have met this community that raised the man I love. And there are moments now when I understand completely where he learned to speak at the tv like the refs can hear him on the other side ;) or why his heart is so big and full of a desire to serve and love with his whole life. We are all in part a result of the people and experiences that make up our life. We come from somewhere and somebody. It has been so much fun to get to know JT's people, his tree, his community. He is so much a part of them just as they are a part of who he is. And I just love all of it.

Moving towards the beginning of this marriage thing has made me appreciate that more and more. We are not only becoming a huge part of each other's lives but also the community behind both of us. We take the whole thing. The good and the bad. Celebrating the end of his parent's ministry in the church gave us a little sneak peak of what our lives might look like in 40 years as we stand here at the very beginning of it all, hands and hearts wide open and enough dreams to send us to infinity. 


  1. So happy to be part your YOUR family, Erin! XO, Aunt Claudia

  2. Oh Dear, Dear, Erin, What a joy to see life through your eyes and heart. I'm in love with all the Love. Thanks for sharing these precious moments. Can't wait to meet JT's family. Love always, auntie j--regular xo


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