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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Anyone else thing it's almost entirely useless to blog about the 4th after the 4th? It's like trying to write something about Christmas after it's all over. Alright, maybe not. But you get the idea. 
Regardless, here's the semi-obligatory post about the 4th of July, which, for the first time in 3 years I actually celebrated off work and at home. Success. 

What was really strikingly awesome about this day was that it felt like maybe my most productive Thursday in months. Sometimes I struggle with the 9-5 work day trend we've all got going on here, mainly because there are only so many hours in the day and so many things I'd like to accomplish that really excite me. But there's also a great argument for honor found in hard work and diligence at a regular, full-time job. I'm finding out that variety might just be my key to a balanced life but this is totally and completely a thought process for another blog post. Moving on.

So this Thursday was just fantastic. So much of what I wanted to work on got worked on besides the dirty downstairs bathroom that's staring me in the face to clean. We'll get there someday, we'll get there.
I made coffee, drank almost the whole pot myself (which now that I think about it, may have a strong correlation with the productivity factor), turned on some favorite playlists and just enjoyed the majority of the morning. 

By the time two pm rolled around, I realized that I really hadn't stepped foot out the door which, for someone who stars out the window all day at the sunshine and doesn't take the opportunity to enjoy it when she's free to do that, seemed like a real true crime. So I stepped outside. To get the mail.
Afterwards I whipped up an all-american grilled cheese sandwich, pulled on some clothes more acceptable for public viewing, and took a chance on the hammock in the backyard strung up between the deteriorating clothesline posts from about 100 years ago. 

The J-ster and I left a wee bit early for the downtown fireworks but got a slammin' parking spot which automatically rationalizes any decision. While it was still light out I managed to get schooled at cribbage (how does this keep happening??) and put down more portable snack items than a toddler at the zoo. The fireworks were great and not to get all sap-fest on you but it was really really nice to get to celebrate with J after 3 July 4ths of knowing each other. 

Hope you had a restful and fun Independence Day!


  1. I am super jealous of your hammock!! Happy *late* 4th!

  2. I learned how to play cribbage on the 4th! Fun fun!


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