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Friday, July 12, 2013

Hi. My name is Erin and I'm addicted to to-do lists.

After ordering a beautiful new family planner from Plum Paper for our future married life, I no sooner found it covered in sticky notes and these way too cute notepad pages with a zebra on them that I totally needed all vandalized by little check boxes and scribbles of items to get done. Lately it's gotten so severe that I can't even see the calendar itself. To give you a visual...

Now you may be asking why wouldn't I just write directly on the planner. Well, the answer is simple. See the planner's got dividers for different categories like things I'm doing that day, finances, blog schedule, meal planning, etc. So even though there's enough paper space to be writing all these things, I forgot to include a section for to-dos so...yeah. Make sense?

When I spotted the same item on three different lists the other day, I admitted to having a problem.
BUT. It isn't a problem if it helps you get all this schtuff done, right? I decided it's okay because this is how I deal with wedding planning pressure and it makes my head stop spinning for a hot minute. And sometimes that's all ya need. But it still has the potential to resemble something out of A Beautiful Mind and that scares me.

Am I the only one who's swimming the deep blue ocean of check boxes?
How do you deal with pressure and managing your time wisely?
Who's got some advice for this lady?

In other news...

I switched back to non-water susceptible mascara after ditching the stuff that doesn't flippin' come off your eyelashes and makes you pull each and every one of them out in attempts to un-clump. So things are looking up around here.

Also, I accidentally washed a stuffed giraffe that somehow ended up in my laundry basket? He went in there and seemed to have survived the spin cycle so we gave him a go at the dryer. So far so good.

A new sleep pattern has been discovered -- nap 2 hours after work when you don't feel like doing anything and then find yourself with 2 bonus hours of productivity at the end of the night! That explains why this post is happening at 1:43 AM. Happy Thursday Friday?

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  1. hahahahah that moment when you lift up a post-it only to find a smaller post it underneath it that reminds you to buy post-its. NOTE-CEPTION!


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