there's a rumbling

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Oh my soul. There is surely a rumbling.

Lately I've been so inspired by this season of life, by the women of the Influence Network, by the Spirit, by my husband's's endless. And all these things are doing some major work on my heart. These are the thoughts that you almost want to keep a secret because they are so sacred and precious inside of you and for some reason it feels as though they might loose their sacredness if they come out of your head. But here's the thing. We are here to spread that preciousness and inspiration and encouragement like wildfire. So let's do that. 

Too often we are tied up in the expectations of others. Tied up in lies, rules, and impending judgement of everything we say and do. We are bound by fear of what is to come. Our heads fill up with regret or the everlasting fact that we are never good enough. These things can hold us back from living into the person the Lord has created us to be. They hold us back from experiencing true...and I mean true freedom...and facing every coming moment fearless and expectant of good. 

But this comes on strong. And it becomes a battle cry that shakes up every nerve in the body. Here's the secret. We have been equipped by God with everything we need to be the beautiful people he has created us to be. He's instilled it in us. Do we believe that? Do we live every day expectant of that? By throwing off all fear and other's expectations we are free, so FREE!, to live into his promises and be strong, faithful, effective, fulfilled and joyful people.  I wish for this truth to dwell deep in you and make you as bold and faithful as God made you to be. There is so much power in that. 

I must admit to you that this may be the first time I have felt truly truly free. And living in this truth makes me a different woman, wife, daughter, friend, worker...everything. I'm not turning back. 

*To read more about freedom from expectations and living wild and free, check out posts from Leia from Becoming Bryn and Jessi over at Naptime Diaries. These ladies don't disappoint.

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  1. I meant to do this yesterday and my phone died while we were on the road;) Thank you Erin for your incredibly encouraging words! I love the picture of the web being used for Him and spreading like wildfire! Gives me chills just thinking about what that might mean.

    YAY for breaking free from everything and walking forward in the Truth!


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