phone free mornings

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lately, with all the things going on, my mind has felt a little tousled. There is always a million and one unread tweets on the feed, emails to read, and lets not even talk about instagram -- it's unending. 

Being connected on social media fuels me. I love the community I have on the web and the many women who are willing to speak truth into that medium. However, I realized lately that I have a limit. I crave flesh and blood time with the people in front of me and sometimes I need to step away from the screen. Anyone else?

I've started making a habit out of not checking my phone before I've leave home for the day. A sort of, "take back the morning" if you will. I want to lay in bed and watch the sun peer through our lace curtains. I want to get one last snuggle in before getting ready for the day. I want to drink a cup of coffee in peace and quiet. Just me and the mug. Maybe it's the season of advent or maybe this is just a phase. Either way, it's happening. And I love it. 

How about you? How do you deal with social media overload? 


  1. Thanks for that one Erin. You have a way of listening to that "inner tweet" that is both wise and sound. I affirm your healthy balance of savoring community, and also savoring the moment. On one of your older blogs you shared the quote: "JUST TO BE IS A BLESSING, JUST TO LIVE IS HOLY." So bless the snuggles, and the new morning moments with your mug. aj

  2. Forgot to say how precious the photo is.......................................xo, aj


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