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Friday, May 16, 2014

Hey there stranger. Seems like this gal just needed a good ol' break from the whole blog thing. So here we are again, fresh page, different title, and yes, you'll have to re-follow on bloglovin' because I like to complicate things. 

In the Midst…in the midst of what? Well, aside from Psalm 46: 5, I think it captures a little better what this little place of mine is. Really, it's a snapshot of what our days look like right now, a story or two in the midst of life. We really are in the midst of so many things right now, like so many of you, that I want to be able to look back and remember the small moments that went by in the whirlwind. So, take it or leave it. There it is and here it shall stay. 

Did I mention that the blog world and the real world collided yesterday? My sweet friend Leia who I've known for a couple years through blogging was gracious enough to spend the morning with me over a cup of coffee in one of my most favorite little corners of the city. What a great time to be able to sit down with her for a couple hours and just chat. It's a funny feeling to know so much about someone's life that you've never actually met but I am so glad it finally happened and have been so encouraged by her. Go say hi, will ya?

In case your wondering, yes, that's a completely unrelated picture from Arizona last Christmas because Lord knows we need a little sunshine and warmth up in these parts. Dreaming of a warmer climate to call home someday. 

Well anyway, cheers!

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