Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As we prep for a rather extended nautical vacation over here, I can't help but notice what a task it's been to feel ready to step away from small business work. Like many of you who run creative or handmade businesses, I spend most of my workday at home. The local coffee shop is fondly deemed my "satellite office" when the dent in the couch seems like it's getting deeper. And if I really wanted, I could spend day and night in front of my computer trying to finish one more thing.

I am amazed at the blessing it is to run a business, create a schedule and work on so many different projects. It is so life giving and sometimes, like any other job, it is just pure exhausting. 
Combatting the latter is a lot about learning to say, "I've done enough today" and just closing the computer.

What I really just have on my heart this week as I think about all you small business owners, mamas, wives, 9 to 5 ers...is this: you've done enough. It's okay to step away. To take time for yourself. To look back and recognize how far you've come. Life, especially life in small business, can feel a bit like a marathon that has no end. We can always make another to-do list. We can always do one more thing, but sometimes the best thing we can do is rest. 

So know that you are doing way better than you think you are, whatever you're doing. It is enough. You are enough. 

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