mountains for days + thoughts on abiding

Monday, June 23, 2014

A week on a boat has a way of slowing the soul. We arrived, anchored, surveyed, and began the weeklong process of unwinding and uncovering some new peace. It was the most special time, full of rest and endless sunshine. 

Summer is a natural time to slow down, especially in a climate where the months to go outside and enjoy are numbered. We have more vacation time, more family activities, longer nights, flowers to sniff, picnics in the park to attend. 

If I'm being honest, one of the biggest challenges of this season for me is figuring out how to slow down. How do we do some abiding while still carrying out the work that's in front of us? How do we find more time to rest? How do we take in these days one at a time?  The Naptime Diaries Abide Journal has been a major help in processing these things and making it happen. 

I'm figuring out that we are only to be stewards of the season we're in right now. Not the 20 to come. There is a lot of transition coming in the next year -- moving twice, new jobs, a semester of seminary, graduation, interviews, oh, and a baby. It's really easy to feel like we need the answers to how that's all going to happen. The good news is we don't. The season of right now is enough. Focusing on working hard, finishing well, and being faithful to what we already have in front of us. 

Most of us have no control over our workday or how much time we are committed to work. Whether that's stressful for your or something you really enjoy, it happens. What we do have a lot of control over in the midst of that is our free time. This summer I've been able to try out some new little hobbies that have really, really refreshed me. Being intentional about free time, however short or long that is for you, can be so valuable. Now is a great time to try new things, be really terrible at some of them, fall in love with others, and be refreshed and renewed by the time you have to yourself. 

What are you loving about this season?

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