Friday, July 18, 2014

Yesterday we found out that this little life inside of me is going to be a precious little girl. I feel so lucky and unbelievably blessed to get the chance to carry our child and be her mother and all the things that go along with that. It's become all the more real, knowing that she's our daughter, getting to dream about what that little face will look like when we finally meet her. 

Lately these images have inspired the wee beginnings of my motherhood and what that may look like as time goes on. I want to be a simple mom. A close mom. A mom who laughs often. One that's messy sometimes and grace-filled all the time. One that says I'm sorry and one that learns from mistakes. One that celebrates and speaks truth. A truly wild and free and fearless mom. 

These thoughts from Casey are right at the heart of it for me:

"My babies are one of the things that has given me life. They make me want to be better, they make me want to grow and soar and be the best version of myself. They make me want to be brave. Being a mother is one of the things that has made me the most real. Feel the most intensely in my life. Cry the hardest and face myself in the most intense way possible. It has shown me love in a way that I desperately hoped was real. An innocent, pure, unconditional love. In the purest most beautiful form."

So, cheers, baby girl. We love you so much already.

What inspires your motherhood? 

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  1. So exciting Erin and such beautifully expressed words. You are going to be a wonderful momma to this little lady! I can't wait to meet her:)


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