The Countdown Begins

Sunday, November 16, 2014

We are about T-minus 3 weeks (four if you ask my midwife) from seeing this little girl's face and decided to squeeze in some maternity pictures just because that's what you do. And the sunny, snowy, Sunday morning seemed like a fitting time to do so -- hello winter! 

Last week, I was waddling around Target, you know, getting all the completely necessary things you buy at Target, when a small child in a cart pointed at me in passing and said, "Mom, look! It's a birthday lady!" His mom didn't catch on right away but I'm gonna go ahead and give that the Most Creative Pregnancy Comment award. It's about to be SOMEBODY'S birthday, kid! 

We are packing up hospital bags, sorting through the smallest socks on earth, and making some honest attempts to finally put that dang carseat in the car. And Lord knows the house is clean because if this baby comes early and Mama Winks, aka Mary Poppins herself, flies into town, you know that the hospital corners better be in full effect. 

We're ready for you little lady! Your smallest diapers known to man are set out, your bag is packed, and your mama is ready to regain control of her lower lumbar region. Let's do this, k? 


  1. Erin these photos are stunning! You are a beautiful mama and I cannot wait to meet your little lady (hopefully while I'm in town in December!!!)

  2.!!!! THESE ARE INCREDIBLE! you are stunning!!!! ahhhh i love you!


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