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Monday, February 25, 2013

This morning I decided to kick Monday in the backside. Like hit it with so much productivity that Monday didn't even see it coming. And you know what? It worked. Take that Monday. You rocked.

Positive energy is fo-real. So are bright red heels. And from here on out I will remind my down-in-the-dumps-wallowing-self that truth. It sure is a great one.

Also, let me just announce to the world that as I'm surround by sweat-pant wearing coffee guzzling students buried in books that say advanced physics on them and laptops with 6 cords streaming out of both sides of the poor thing,  I am thanking the good Lord that I'm not a student anymore. I mean it. Life really can be grand on the other side of it all. Though I won't deny missing the adventure of it all.

On a completely different but somewhat related note, my entertainment tonight is sitting across from me, tossing around seminary books and simultaneously humming along to every random song that comes on the coffee shop shuffle. Fascinating man I tell you.

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  1. i LOVE not being a student anymore. i was at starbucks earlier today doing some blog stuff and there were students there and i thought, "i'm just so glad i don't have to do homework or study anymore."


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