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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesdays can be kind of challenging. Especially in adult world. Can I get an amen? BUT. We're looking at the bright side of things this year. SO. Here's why today, Tuesday, was so brilliant in such an ordinary way::

1.  The sun was so bright I almost ran off the road. But I love the sun so that makes it okay.
2. My car got to go through the wash today for the first time during this salty season we're having.
3. I bought a new pair of black heels after work. 
4. My roommate's date got cancelled tonight so I get to hang out with her. 
5. A client at worked called me Betty Crocker over the phone...because I'm the one who bakes all the cookies. Just another Tuesday.

What makes your weekdays spectacular?

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  1. Somehow I forgot the treat of looking at your blog for the last 3 entries--hibernation can do that. The artful photo--typewriter et.al, would make any day of the week a delight, along with the sequence of making salve, and the spiral of time. Love your outlook; why should Monday be the scapegoat for our negativity? And, yes, why not be grateful for Tuesday's blessings?? Your description of the car-scraping experience brought back memories of younger days, and gave me the gift of laughter. Keep on keepin' on. aj


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