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Monday, November 4, 2013

Brennan Manning describes in his memoir, All is Grace, his experience as part of the Little Brothers of Jesus, devoting a part of his life to simplicity and poverty, shedding the light of God onto a community and preaching the gospel through their actions. He describes the moment that he realized his efforts were drenched in "self-centered yuck." As a result, he was convinced that he would cut himself off from the Brothers and turn his back on all of what God had led him into. And then he had a conversation with a fellow brother in which he described his turmoil. The fellow brother responded with this:

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It is only when we truly feel the utter hopelessness of taking on our own righteousness that we can encounter this great grace. When we truly believe that we are never good enough on our own. This gift is in the depths of all our hearts. He put it there for each one of us and when we find it, we find God's kingdom on earth. God's great grace overwhelming every crack and crevice of our lives.

How blessed are those who know that they are poor, the kingdom of Heaven is theirs. 
Matthew 5:3

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Stay tuned and be blessed....

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  1. absolutely beautiful words for our Monday morning Erin! looking forward to what's ahead for this week on your blog!


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