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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Someone once said to me in college that he would fail me. Not only him, but all people would fail me at one time or another. And that the only one who wouldn't was Jesus. 

As much as that truth stung my heart at the time, the words have never left me. And the lesson has been something I've lived into a greater understanding of ever since. 

My husband and I love each other and have no intention of hurting or letting down one another, but there are moments. There are moments where we fail because we are human beings and that's what we do. And that's okay. 

We knew from the beginning that we, as individuals are fueled, fed, and rested differently. We are interested in different topics, have different hobbies and are a part of different communities. Are there similarities? Yes. I certainly hope there would be. But for the most part, we are different. And that's okay too.  There's harmony in that.

One of the most valuable things we can do for ourselves is prioritize and set boundaries for things that refuel us, for things that make us joyful. And I don't mean things like things because things don't make us happy. What I'm talking about are activities, people, moments, and ways of connecting with God that bring us joy because we like them. Those things. The stuff that brings the passion out in us. Are you still with me?

JT likes to run. Dare I say, he needs to run. It does all sorts of wonderful things for his mind, body and soul. So he makes that a priority. He likes to watch football on the weekends. So we do that, or he does that, while I make comments about how cool the new college helmet designs are. I, dare I say, need to blog and read other blogs. It encourages me. So I prioritize that for myself. I need to connect with my friends over the phone. I love that community and my heart is full when I do that. So I schedule it.

We, as individuals, are responsible for setting boundaries and prioritizing these things that manifest joy and passion in our hearts. We, as spouses, are responsible for fostering an environment for each other where this is possible. We made a promise to take care of each other and this is part of that promise. 

What advice do you have about this?
Moms, what are the ways that you have been able to do this in your marriage amidst this busy season of your life? 
Those who work full time outside the home, what are your thoughts? 

Is this realistic? Is this necessary? Is this a load of crap? I love your comments!

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