Taking the Small Business Plunge | Day 12

Sunday, October 12, 2014

If you’re reading through this series and trying to figure out how to start your own business while working a full-time job, welcome to the club. Building a business takes time. And financially, it may not all add up right away – I get it. Most people starting up businesses are in your shoes (including me!) That’s why I feel so strongly about rest and the ability to shut the computer, put the phone down, stop working and create some margin.

We all know that creativity doesn’t come from overworking yourself. Some of the best ideas I have come to me while I’m doing things that have nothing to do with my business. When I’m spending time with people I love, when I’m relaxed and refreshed, when I’m picking out peaches at the grocery store…normal, right? My point is, you will get so much farther and be so much more encouraged and refreshed by what you’re starting up when you take time to step away from it. Although it may seem like you should be using every free hour after your day job to make things happen, sometimes the opposite is true. Take a break!

This weekend, I hope you’ve had a chance to do something that refreshes you and breathes life back into your bones. For me, I am ending a fun-filled girls weekend with some of the most incredible women on the planet that I love so dearly. You can be sure there’s been plenty of laughter, hearts shared, coffee drank, and autumn enjoyed. Be blessed, friends!

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