awkward and awesome thursday

Thursday, June 7, 2012

-- my parents hiring maids to clean their impeccable house..i wonder if they walk in and are like, so...what's the job? what's more awkward is that they came while i'm melting into the land of social networking on my computer and simultaneously watching live with kelly {come on you know you like it}. so i'm like lifting my feet up so they can clean the floor. do i help? do i leave? at least i understand their spanish conversation about going and getting something out of the car. useful.

-- hair trims that are 55 buckaroos. that's outrageously insane, right? or is it just me...?! not awkward. just minorly majorly upsetting.

-- doing a walk/jog around the block with an infant and toddler because auntie erin forgot to make sure everyone went to potty before going to the pahk. i sat for a minute and decided if bushes were easier {do people get fined for that now??}  or if hopping the neighbors fence was worth it. instead i was a grown up {kind of} and booked it back. we made it. now if only the drugged up neighbor dog didn't wake the baby.

-- getting asked by way too many kids this week why my skin had so many dots on it {or any uninhibited variation of this question}. they're freckles, okay young people? that never gets old. oh wait, it does.

-- having to pick the register at wal-mart that didn't have one of my fellow high school ex-classmates standing at it. #smalltownproblems

--paying almost 7 dollars for a bowl of froyo at yo mamas because of a few amateur mistakes...putting a little big of everything in there. not paying attention. no room for toppings. complete overload. realizing that i have to pay for however much it weighs. at which point i look for a place to put some of it back. {can't do that.} paying for it anyway. i'll try harder next time.


:: awesome
-- getting to spend so much time with family i usually don't get to spend mounds of time with. aka my three favorite little nieces in the whole universe. {and their mom and dad ; ) }

-- practicing my mad tortilla making skills so i don't loose what i got when we're back on jungle diet.

-- eating any kind of food from wherever. whenever. oh, and i didn't cook it. it's a miracle! it's amazing how many eating out places you can hit in one day when you really want to.

-- seein mah GB packers woop some firemen in a game of basketball.

-- being about 6 feet away from a real life giraffe. gosh i love those guys.

-- sleeping on these sheets that just smell absolutely magical. straight out of the garden but like better. where is that detergent from?! is that normal? and can i bring it back to honduras with me??

that's all for now.
happy thursday! getcho awkward on.


  1. Erin, honestly, you could get paid for this, hysterical.... Did you get this from mom when i got you that english award for an extremely creative way of describing leg veins? i ought to know, you are so dear to my heart and keep me laughing all the timeoxoxoxooxo

  2. Culture Shock--only in reverse this time. I love your freckles dear heart and always will. Thanks for sharing the housekeeper scene; it needs to be read at our upcoming family gathering; you'll hear the laughter in Hondo. You are my sunshine. Keep those fingers flying over the typewriter keys. xo aj

  3. This whole post made me laugh. You write entertaining words my friend.

    <3 Leney

  4. I started laughing about the freckles thing. I'm a teacher and last year my students were OBSESSED with the little scars I have on my face. I'm pretty pale and I don't have a lot of freckles and so they show up quite a bit. I didn't even know they were that noticeable, but apparently they are! haha


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