holy water

Friday, June 15, 2012


great things about being back in honduras:::

well, #1, i actually got here again. a miracle in itself.
--getting to see all the kiddos and families again
--the/my {oh so important} job of fetching milk in the morning. i missed that! it's like watching the village CNN report because i always get the top stories before 7am. and believe me...there are top stories.
--hiring scorpion hit men to take care of those creepy nightmare-ish things that hang out in my bathroom. {oh wait, i didn't miss that}
--those babies! i think i was going through cuteness overload withdrawls not being able to hang around those two. they are baby BFFs. 

we just got this wii game thing goin' on down here. introduced the kids and house parents to boxing today at a little get together we had and they loved it. and i totally got my butt kicked by a nine year old. we would have done another bonfire but, since it's like torrential downpour around here seemingly every afternoon we had to save it for another day.

speaking of downpour, i included a few snaps of our yard. where does all that water come from?! and the chocolate river {that's right, we've got one of those down here} is fillin' up quick. oh, you wanna know my favorite part? well, i'll tell ya. all that rainwater thinks it got an invitation into our kitchen. like three days in a row now. love iiiiiiiit. the cool part is that after it rains this crazy green/yellow aura comes glowing through our front windows and doors. kinda eerie kinda sweet.

welp. that about tells it all, friends. 
and still, at the end of this post, i'm not real sure what it's about. 

oh! for all you LOST lovers out there, we're watching some of that tonight. but i feel like i'm breaking a cardinal rule of the tv show and starting at like episode 12. isn't that horrible? 
i probably won't lose sleep over it.

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  1. Oh so wet; oh so sweet. Living life as it arrives day by day; minute by minute. Dear faces; dear land. Thank you Erin for sharing life with us; it is a gift. xo aj


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