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Saturday, June 9, 2012

brother's graduation yesterday -- oh yeah, you know it was just a magical experience being back in that high school all over again. {thank the good Lord we're all done with that!}

the graduations speeches were actually above grudgingly average this time and being able to check out those ridiculous heels (?) all the ladies were sportin was entertainment in itself. {the question mark because i'm not sure you could call something like that a shoe -- it's got to be closer to a stilt or something.}

admittedly, all that inspirational jabber was kinda good to hear again. ya know about how you should not care what other people think, blah blah blah, be successful in whatever you do, blah blah blah, you've made it through high school you can do anything, {sorta true} blah blah blah. 

but you know what? if people actually did what they all set out to do, if they {we}, actually pursued life goals that we cared about...something we're good at...something that makes someone else's life a little bit easier...well, maybe all of our blood pressures would go down a little bit and "work" wouldn't be so, well, terrible. 

it is not your adult obligation to be miserable doing what you do.

so as a little graduation-sparked reminder to all of us....
remember all those things you said you wanted to do when you got out of high school/college/whatever?


like right now.

do what you do. be who you be. just don't be miserable please. 
that job position's been filled too many times. 


sorry for the cheese-fest post. just had to.
happy weekend!

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  1. you are the greatest blogger i know, and your advise is quite mature for your 23 years... i have two of the best looking and kindest people in the universe:):):) thank you, Father for this gift


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