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Monday, June 11, 2012

took a little trip this weekend up to my future home i'll be moving to in the fall after i get rid of this jungle fever. being in the city was so much fun. and you know that feeling when you get to see all of these wonderful people you've been missing for a long time? yeah. it was like that. 

highlights include::
                               future roomie talk about how incredible this fall will be.
                               cheese grading my thumb off. woops!
                               dancing!! i'm serious. people need to dance. it makes everything better.
                               an ice cold strawberry lemonade {or two} to cure one of those 
                                                                                                  "melt your mascara off" kind of days.
                               not getting super lost driving{we're making major steps toward success, people}
                               awesome church service 
                               a nice long -catch-up-on-so-much-life- kind of dinner with that one guy, JT. 

aaaaaaand my heart is full. see you again sometime, home. 
until then, it's back to honduras. can't freaking wait to see all those faces i've been missing. and it is SO time to get back on that jungle jeans can't take any more eating out.



  1. EEEEE!!! i love you:) and am so glad i got to see you a bit. and that i see you again soon...and visit you in that future home again. honduras is lucky to have you, enjoy:):):)

    1. can't wait to see you again soon, s!!!

  2. You life-lover you; thanks for the minnie Minne--if you know what I mean. Happy Honduras to you too. How would you like to paint some colors on wooden kitchen utensils when I see you again? auntie j


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