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Sunday, September 9, 2012

So I'm sure we've all read about half a million blogs about the season's change and the coming of fall, right? Okay maybe that's just me. One of my fall resolutions was to make a budget and stick to it. {It's a work in progress.}

But I wanted to ask you guys about your you do it? Got any awesome advice for the rest of us?

I know that one of my priorities after getting settled here is to give part of what I earn to something I really care about. Since working with Give Hope 2 Kids I have formed life-changing relationships with the kids I met and lived with. It is a miracle that they have been brought to the kids home to grow up. And it's amazing to me that we can love them and help them out from any geographical distance. 

Sponsoring children at the kid's home in Honduras helps pay for things like their schooling, food, home, clothes, and the salary of the house parents who have given up a huge part of their lives to invest in these kids. The idea of the sponsorship program is to form a lasting relationship with the children. 

So if you're looking to re-format your budgeting plan a bit this fall and include giving to something that really changes lives, I can officially give my first-hand approval to this organization. I love these kids with all my heart and want to see them grow up to be amazing, successful adults. Wanna be part of that?

 Check out here for more details. 

What organizations are you really passionate about? 

{photo credit goes to kelvin and monica johnson}

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