nik-so-ko-a, my relations

Friday, September 21, 2012


I spent last summer working on a Native American reservation. One thing that has always stuck out to me about that experience is when I learned what the word pronounced nik-so-ko-a meant -- My Relations.

The community there is like one I have never experienced before. People live to protect and stand by each other, their family, their relations. Nik-so-ko-a represents all of "your people", the ones who are close to your heart and influence your spirit.

I can't help but think about my relations, my people, who have been such an encouragement through this whole transition process. They have offered their time, their homes and their love to protect and encourage me. I am never alone, I was never alone. To me, community is what drives the heart and what so many of us crave -- because we were meant to. We were made for community. So today I give up an offering of thanks. Thanks for family, for community, and for it being Friday.


  1. that sounds like a great way of living the relations in life. and that sounds really interesting too to learn the culture of the indians

  2. Love this Erin! Community is such an important part of my life too. We really were designed to live in community. Sounds so incredible to be in a place where there is such a strong sense of being close to one another.

  3. love it!


  4. Erin, You touch my heart right to the core. What a beautiful photo and writing to read on a Sunday night before the work week. You give me courage and vision to keep trying to create community with the human family, even when it is difficult. Love to you, my dear. aj

  5. I love this. you are so right... community is what drives the heart. very well said!

  6. People are so great:) I am happy you had those there for you because transitions like that are screwy hard!

  7. Beautiful picture & I completely agree with you, community is very important!

    xoxo Grace


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