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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If you would so kindly allow me to be a little mushy for a hot second...

Last fall, I took a trip up to Minneapolis to visit a very kind and intriguing man of interest before I left on my year-long trip to Honduras. This was the first time we hung out together after meeting in Washington state that summer. We were both nervous. And both knew I was leaving for a long while. But, ya know...we've all been there, right?! Sometimes doing irrational things is good for you. And I said he was intriguing, did I not?

Well we went to a Twins game during that visit. And I don't remember much about that game but I do remember it as a night that we I knew we had something real special on our hands. I of course mean between us, not the game...even though baseball's great and all. 

Fast forward to a year later: I live here now {not because he does, it just ended up that way.} We live in the same city and I'm tell ya's the best thing ever.  Last night we went to the same Twins game, partially in memory of last fall, and I think it's become a little tradition now. 

Maybe someday I'll give ya'll the full lo-down on what the last year was like for us but for now it's tucked away in my heart as a very meaningful time. Our hearts are full and so thankful for what has been given to us to hold onto. All things really do work out for good. I really believe that.

{mush-fest ends here.}

I wanna know, what little traditions do you have?

P.S >> I'm guest posting over at Crossroads of the Heart about transitioning to a new city. Go check 'er out!


  1. Ah! I love it! Stuff like this always melts my heart! Joe and I always go back to "our spot" where we had our first date. It's also where he proposed and where we had our reception

  2. OH GOSH!!! I LOVE IT!! And so happy for you :) Everything always seems to work out in God's perfect timing. It sounds like you guys have been so patient and I am so excited to hear more!

  3. Keep on mushing.............Go Twins!! aj

  4. Welcome!! So glad to such a sweet person in the states and bloggin!! I hope you are liking it!! Love your blog!! Ill be keeping up with you through BlogLovin!! Feel free to follow back!! :) Have a great day!!

    Kisses from Texas

  5. thanks for linking up to me dear.. very cute post!

  6. What a cute little tradition. The hubs and I are trying to start traditions of our own.. the most consistent I would say would be friday night date night :)

    Ps just found your adorable blog. i am your newest follower. Would love for you to stop by and follow along if you'd like :)


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