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Monday, September 10, 2012

You know you're living a grown-up life when...
You make your bed every day without fail. {be proud, mom!}
Laundry is done on a consistent, weekly basis and nothing has shrunk or bled colors in your load.
Several friends come over for a dinner party on Sunday night.
Speaking of Sundays, they are left wide open for anything you want. no homework.
You plan to take the bus downtown for work next week because it's more efficient and you can.
Coupons have been cut out for the local grocery store.
8am comes around and you are ready and rearin' to go.
The newly revised budget has been laid out on an excel spread sheet.
Mopping the kitchen floor happens on a regular basis and you even kinda like doing it.

You know you're not quite there yet when...
The rice you were cooking for one burns to a crisp and it becomes squirrel food out the back door.
You can't follow the directions correctly on your GPS and end up in the wrong city.
A free concert you thought was at some sweet place downtown actually ends up being on the University campus and you instantly time travel back to college.
There is too much free-time during the day, aka you don't have a full-time job yet.
Frosted flakes is still a favorite breakfast food. Or anytime snack food for that matter.

How's your grown-up life coming along?


  1. Haha this is great and sooooo true!!! Grown up life is kind of scary but exciting at the same time :)

  2. I love this! For every "grown up" moment I experience, there are ten other not so grown up moments showing me I don't quite have it down yet. Good to know I'm not the only one!

    The Glossy Life

  3. Well, I have a nice house and a garden, I plant stuff, but I do NOT do our laundry on a weekly basis!!! And I'm even grown-up since a long time back. Even getting old. Or something like that (I'm 37).

  4. This is wonderful! I read and related to every single one of those items :) One thing I would add is going to bed before 11 pm every day no matter what. This makes me feel like a grown up and not so rebelious and spontaneous.

  5. I love the photo; thanks for sharing it and the honest reflection of what life feels like at this time. You gotta lot of grown up goin' for ya, but keep stocked up on those Frosted Flakes too. aj

  6. Hey girl! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.You are so sweet and I love the things that you choose to blog about :) You can read the award post over on my blog here:

  7. i realized i was a full-fledge adult when i ran out of paper towels and a few lightbulbs burnt out so off to walmart on a friday evening i went because there was no one else to do it for me. that was not a fun realization

  8. haha this is a very cute post. I relate to the laundry (though mine is still waiting to be folded and ironed and put away), the budget, the coupons and the clean kitchen.

    I guess I realize I became a grown-up when I got more excited about my new bed frame than a new pair of shoes!

  9. ha! i can relate to this. laundry? still undone. bed? haven't done it in the last 3 days. ooops

  10. haha this is phenomenal! Totally in a similar boat!

  11. Loved this post haha
    I can totally relate in so many ways.

    <3 Leney


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